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  • Welcome to Arios!


    We'd like to first welcome you to Arios if you've not been here before, or welcome you back if you are a veteran of the community! 

    After a small hiccup, we've returned better than ever! Some of you may be aware of the downtime we faced during the month of November. This was due to the old Owner returning and attempting to steal back the server. The proper provisions have been made to ensure this cannot happen again. I'm aware of the many bugs on the current website, I've been handling those as quickly as possible. For now, there shouldn't be any major ones when you are logged in, only when you are not.

    As always, we have returned with the old accounts. Post a thread in our Account Recovery subforum to have your Old Arios account restored. Speak with Jnnsk to have your Donator Statuses and donated for perks returned to you. Have your paypal transaction ID ready!

    I'd also like to introduce the new staff team. At Co-Owner, we have Rick/Sharynam. He handles most of the Player & Community-related aspects of the server, so if you're in need of assistance, he should be the first person you speak to after Mods. We also have Jacob/Jack at Administrator. He handles most of our NPC drops & spawns, among other things. Dries & Jnnsk are our two Moderators. You can speak to them with anything you need help with, and they will contact the correct person to help you.

    We are also making a conversion to be a primarily OSRS-based server (with summoning). If you'd like to help in the effort, note all differences in NPC drops from the ones on the OSRS Wiki and post them in our Bugs section. Other OSRS changes can be posted in the Suggestions forum. Watch the Development Log on the right side of this page to stay tuned on updates, and don't forget to vote at
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